Pld Goals Pts
Larkhall Athletic   33   +69 88
Bristol Manor Fm 37 +67 80
Gillingham Town 34 +40 70
Street 37 +12 65
Bitton 36 +21 59
Willand Rovers 35 +11 59
Melksham Town 35 +7 56
Odd Down 33 +22 55
Sherborne Town 35 +2 49
Brislington 33 +1 49
Buckland Athletic 33 +19 48
Longwell Green 37 -9 47
Bridport 36 -5 44
Cadbury Heath 36 -5 44
Hallen 34 -7 44
Slimbridge 35 -11 40
Winterbourne U 37 -29 36
Radstock Town 36 -55 28
Ilfracombe Town 33 -48 23
Hengrove Ath 35 -48 22
Bishop Sutton 36 -54 22


Radstock Town deducted 3 points 

Winterbourne Utd deducted 3 points 




Tuesday 15th April


Bitton 2 - 2 Longwell Green
Radstock Town 0 - 3 Bridport
Slimbridge 2 - 2 Brislington
Street 2 - 5 Odd Down 


Wednesday 16th April


Larkhall Athletic Hallen
Sherborne Town Ilfracombe Town


Thursday 17th April


Buckland Athletic Willand Rovers


Friday 18th April


Bishop Sutton Brislington
Bridport Street
Cadbury Heath Hengrove Athletic
Hallen Bristol Manor Farm
Ilfracombe Town Bitton
Odd Down (Bath) Larkhall Athletic
Radstock Town Melksham Town
Sherborne Town Gillingham Town
Slimbridge Winterbourne Utd


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Four club officials received long service awards from the Toolstation League. Chairman Barrie Phillips and Francis Fairman received awards for more than fifty years service to the club, whilst Club Treasurer Charmaine Phillips and Vice Chairman Andy Hicks also received long service awards.


Whilst we appreciate the efforts of players past and present who have been responsible for the gradual progression from the early days of playing in the Bristol & District League, it would not be possible to compete at Western League standard without the efforts of club officials and committee. As the awards show, here at Hallen we have a great team of dedicated people who will ensure that the club is ready to meet any further progression of the team.


Barrie Phillips


Francis Fairman

Charmaine Phillips

Andy Hicks 


Presentions were made by Neil Carroll, Managing Director of Toolstation Ltd.,

(left in each photograph)


 Home Page


The Official Club website formerly 'A FAN'S VIEW' 






It was around 1955, that I first watched Hallen (then known as Lawrence Weston Athletic) in a Bristol & District League match played in the grounds of Kingsweston House, my Uncle being the referee on the day. It was to be some thirty years later before seeing them a second time, when they met newly promoted local rivals Henbury Old Boys a club that I had just become associated with, in a Gloucestershire County League match. For the next seven seasons it was a well contested battle, to see which of the two teams would get the better of each other in terms of results and league position. 


Having resigned after a short spell as Chairman of Henbury Old Boys during the 1992/93 season, I became aware that Hallen were looking for a Secretary, and also had the ambition to move on from the Gloucestershire County League. It was agreed that I would take over the secretarial role for the commencement of the 1993/94 Season, but this was brought forward when the Gloucestershire County League attempted to block the club's promotion to the Hellenic League, because the club had not given notice of their intention to seek promotion earlier in the season.


I was thankful to the advice given to me by Roger Sumerhill a former Secretary of the Gloucestershire Youth Football Association, who many years previous, had told me that Football Rules were so poor, that you could contest one rule with another. An appeal was made to the Gloucestershire Football Association, and was held in an adjacent room to one where the Gloucestershire County League Annual General Meeting was being held. The constitution of the league for the upcoming season being put on hold, until the appeal decision was made. The Appeal being upheld Hallen were able to make a step up in the football pyramid to the Hellenic League.


The development of the Hallen Centre plus the administration involved with running five teams, within four different leagues, it was to be two very busy years spent as Secretary. After which work commitments, allowed me few opportunities to watch any football for a decade, but in recent years I have been able to become a more regular follower of Hallen, and it is good to see the hard work has continued. The team has established itself in the Toolstation Western League, which for a village team playing against many representing Towns is a real achievement.


Originally this website was 'A fan's view' created to help promote the club, as a thank you to the Officials and Players past and present who have made the club what it is today, and a venue where one can spend an enjoyable Saturday afternoon. For the season 2009-10, I was invited to take over editing the clubs Official site which was using Webteams, and I incorporated 'A fan's view' as an extension to the official club site. The following season this site became the Official site, with the former site being used for archive purposes. When Pitchero took over Webteams during Season 2011-12 a whole season's archive was lost, when being moved across to the new hosts. This has resulted in an archive being gradually built into this site.


Having found your way to this website, how about making your way to the Hallen Centre, Moorhouse Lane, Hallen BS10 7RU. the home of HALLEN F.C.  



If any club wishes to have a more personalised website, such as this, then I would recommend Freeola and its website builder which is excellent for any enthusiast with or without knowledge of computers and web building.